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What Your Past Can Tell You About Your Online Business?

Most TV advertisements are mindless brand reinforcement.  There’s not much online entrepreneurs can learn from studying them.  However, although it’s rare, there’s a life lesson that really does hit the bullseye.

You might have seen this one by a major insurance company.  They wrote life events on magnetic tiles and asked a group of people to select events that had happened to them in the past.  Thinks like getting a promotion or getting married were yellow for positive.  Things like getting fired or father died were blue for negative.

Then they put all those tiles on a big magnetic board called past.  Then they had the same people select events that they thought would happen to them in the future,  Blue was for negative and yellow for positive.  They put those tiles on a different board called future.

The results was that the past board was a lot bluer (negative) than the future board.  What the insurance company was trying to prove is that our belief about the future is far too optimistic based on the facts of the past.  So, you should have more insurance than you probably have.  More bad things are going to happen than you think.  I think we are overly optimistic and overly naive which can get us into serious trouble.

So, what does have to do with your online business dreams?  Well, the point is to get started.  The future, if we’re to believe our own experiences will not be as bright as we think unless we take bold, decisive and massive action to insure that it is.  If you keep doing the same things and expecting different results then you’re insane and underinsured.

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