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The Difference Between Top Earners And Average

There’s a saying from Ralph Bunche: “Hearts are the strongest when they beat in response to noble ideas.”  A few years back, a big study was done in a sales force to see what behaviours separated the top sales people from the average ones.  The study revealed something that nobody expected.  The top performers all had a far more pronounced sense of purpose than their average counterparts.

It’s true those that sold with a noble purpose and those who truly wanted to make a difference in the lives of their customers consistently outsold those who just focused on sales goals and making money.  If you really want to sell online, to make serious cash online and to live the lifestyle of your dreams then you need a greater cause than just selling.  What you need is an N.S.P. (Noble Selling Purpose).

The problem usually starts in our minds.  We start focusing on quotas and on getting sales each day rather than focusing on customers and really helping them.  However, if you can make the internal shift and start to look at massively helping others, the cash will come into you, often in droves.  It all starts with formulating your own N.S.P.

So, what’s noble about what you do:

  • Is what you’re selling changing people’s lives?
  • Is it transforming someone’s lifestyle?
  • Is it enabling them to quit their job?
  • To provide better for their family?
  • To allow them the cash to be debt free and stress free?
  • To take 6+ dream vacations a year?

For you personally, your discoveries can be massively different than the above list but it’ll prove just as powerful to you.  If you’re interacting with your customers in any way through Email, Phone or any other method , if you’re just about getting the sale and you, you, you, then you’ll lose.

If you’re talking to this person and you’re into this business because you realise you’re changing lives for the better and that’s your mission and purpose, the world will be your oyster.  You’ll love what you do, others will love you and you’ll be rich inside and out.

MTTB is a system that’s all about serving others.

MTTB members get a coach.  You get a done for you system that makes success online easy.  You also get an opportunity revealed to you that will allow you to earn very lucrative commissions online.  This means you can keep playing The N.S.P. game, helping others living the life of their dreams and never having to worry about money or lack-thereof again.

Click here to give it a go.

I highly recommend you to spend a few minutes on your N.S.P. and come up with something that really drives and moves you.

Let me know if I can help you in any way.

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