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Take A Lesson From Mickey D’s

The good thing about a real proven system is that as long as someone shows up and follows the simple step by step instructions, it will work very well.  For example, take McDonalds.  The company is actually run by pimply teenagers without an ounce of real business acumen and for the most part, they don’t have that much ambition either.  They aren’t working in Mickey D’s to show off their culinary skills either.  They are no chefs.  Also these teenagers are mostly paid minimum wage.  Yet they are the backbone of this billion dollar business that has companies round the world.

Why is McDonald’s so successful?  It’s because McDonald’s is a system.  This is a turnkey system at it’s best.  It’s that simple that you can train a kid to do it.  If there was any guess work to do such as: what special offers should we put on this week?, How do we advertise? or What temperature should we cook the fries?  If any of these questions were left to guesswork, then it wouldn’t work.  Then the billion dollar giant would have fallen.  It’s not what they sell that makes them successful.  I think we all know they don’t have the most incredible food on the planet.  You will get the same experience pretty much in any McDonald’s store around the world.  This is a very successful system.  These true systems are what equal growth.  The system is that easy to duplicate that a teenager can do it.

Transcending to the online world, things get even better than that, if you find a similar system that works like gangbusters.  The big advantages online are that: you don’t need to hire staff, a store or a spend a million plus to buy a franchise like McDonald’s.  However, it still would be good if you can get a system that is as turn key as possible so anyone could follow it and do well.  This where a lot of people fail.  Even if the system does work, they don’t know how to make it work for everyone.  There’s a good reason why it is hard to do so.  It requires something that McDonald’s requires to do well.

You need:

  • Step by step instructions
  • A proven successful system
  • Staff
  • Done for you emails and marketing
  • New product launches partners can promote
  • Support from partners and corporate
  • Big ticket sales sold for you
  • High level masterminds where the top earners show you what’s working for them

Wouldn’t it be nice to see what the top earners in our industry are doing .  Of course it would, you gotta go to these masterminds.  Of course, you have to do work, similar to McDonald’s.  But with a turn key system, you are not doing all the work.  As a partner you get a successful system with a proven business model that works and you get everything that comes with it.  If you are interested in a system like this, then I would highly suggest, you check out MTTB.  MTTB is the cream of the crop in online systems.  There is nothing else like it.  You will get access to the full system, full support with anything you need, high ticket commissions sold for you and an awful lot more.

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