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How You Can Cut Your Work In Half And Make Twice As Much

Most people take animation for granted these days.  They don’t realise that for every second of animation that there’s at least 24 unique drawings flashing in front of their eyes.  That means that animators have to draw 24 pictures just to have one second of movement on the screen.

So, how do animators make films and TV shows?  How do they make it through a day without going insane from drawing all day long.  They come up with unique solutions.  Take Yogi Bear for example.  When he was on the air, animators cranked out episode after episode for weeks on end which should have meant tens of thousands of drawings but the animators came up with an innovative way to save time drawing.

Even though bears don’t wear collars, Yogi does because the collar allowed the animators to keep his body still which meant they only had to redraw his head when he spoke.  So, how big of a difference did it make?  For a 7 minute cartoon, an animator would draw 14,000 different pictures but with the collar method, they only had to draw 2,000.  That’s still a ton of work but not nearly as much.

Now you can take the same approach to making money with MTTB.  As a member of MTTB, you’ll still have to work but not nearly as much for how much you’ll be earning.  MTTB member place ads on the most visited websites on Earth.  Then they receive the sale commissions.  This means that:

  • They don’t create any ads
  • They never close any sales
  • They never have to commute back and forth to work

They can earn commissions worth thousands every week.  MTTB members get the paychecks of high profile employees without all the stress and hassle.

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