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How To Deliver Smarter Auto responders With Send Windows?

When sending out emails, it would be great if the follow up emails would deliver themselves only during the days and times that you want and to avoid the days and times that don’t work for your subscribers.  This was only available for broadcasting and not for auto responders.  That’s all changing.

With AWeber you can deliver your automated follow up messages during the days and times you’ve determined to be best for your subscribers.  To see it in action, watch the short video below:

As you can see, you can easily choose which days, and times you want your auto responders to go to your customers and prospects.  If you use the geographic awareness feature, AWeber will automatically adjust delivery to each subscriber’s time zone regardless of where they are in the world.  If you like, you can send it each morning.

How can this help you to make your email marketing more effective?

It can help you by:
  • Looking at when your subscribers are opening your email and/or clicking your links.  AWeber’s opens over time and clicks over time show this.  Then you can adjust your send windows so your messages that stand out at the top of the inbox during those times.
  • Running a weekend sale – You can schedule one of your follow ups to only send on Friday mornings.
  • Finding out if there’s certain days or times that you know are bad for your subscribers – You can send windows to avoid sending during those days/times.

These are just a few of the ways you can start to increase your response rates with send windows.  There’s many more ways to use them.  I’m sure when you give it a go, you’ll find more creative ways to use them.

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