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How A Retro Video Game Won The Internet?

If I told you that a video game that looked like it was from the 80’s and that the main thing players do in the game is stack blocks on each other, would you say it could be successful today?  In an age when kids watch TV, listen to music, check Facebook on their phone and do their homework, it seems the answer is no but that’s wrong.  The proof is Minecraft.  The game that went from an indie computer game to a worldwide phenomenon that is being played by people of all ages.

Whether you play video games or not you should pay attention because Minecraft is going to let you make thousands of dollars every week and leave behind your desk job.

Here’s how: Minecraft is an incredibly simple game.  The player places blocks and builds things using blocks.  There’s no fancy graphics and no  fluid movements.  It is the barebones of a video game but over 100 million people have registered on the game.  Some things are so basic that they have to work.  It’s only natural and that is exactly what Minecraft is.

Matt Lloyd has a system that is just as simple as Minecraft and makes money just as well if not better.  You just place ads and get paid.

Matt earned $51,373,000 over 5 years using the exact same system.  His company has sent out over $25 million to people just like you using the exact same system.

All you need to do is complete a 21 step training program with a mentor who will guide you one on one and even then you only need to spend 30 minutes a day to master the MTTB system.

Click here to check out this system that’s easier than Minecraft.

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