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Harness The Great Wheelbarrow Power For Online Success

In a small town, hundreds of years ago, a man decided to build a house out of stones.  He found a plot where he could build it and then he found a big pile of stones about 100 metres away but to get to the pile of stones, he had to walk on a bumpy, muddy path through the woods.  The man had an old wheelbarrow.  It could carry about 4 stones at a time.  The problem was it was a hassle to load up the wheelbarrow.  Then it was a hassle to push it on the bumpy, muddy path in the woods.

After a couple of tries, the man decided to try carrying stones with out the wheelbarrow.  He could carry only one stone at a time but there wasn’t the hassle of loading and unloading the wheelbarrow.  There wasn’t the hassle of pushing the wheelbarrow on the muddy path.  Using this new method, he could make trips twice as fast.  So, since it was easier just carrying stones 1 at a time, the man decided he was better off without the wheelbarrow.  He did this for weeks and weeks, months and months until he had enough stones to build his house.

Do you see the man’s mistake?  You don’t have to be a math wiz to see that he could have done his job twice as fast using the wheelbarrow.  Although it took longer to get the wheelbarrow through the woods, twice as long but he could carry 4 times as many stones that way.  So, the wheelbarrow, even thought it might have felt less effective in the moment was actually twice as effective.

So, what’s the point of this story?  It’s about big ticket products vs. small products.  When your business sells big ticket products, it’s like using the wheelbarrow.  It takes more effort to make a sale but the payoff makes it much more profitable and efficient in the long run.

Say it takes you 10 hours to sell a $1,000 product versus 1 hour to sell a $50 product.  Which is worth your time?  The $1,000 product.  When you average it out, you’re making $100 an hour selling the $1,000 product versus $50 an hour.  It’s the power of big ticket products.

It’s the power MTTB helps you harness.  MTTB sets you up with done for you big ticket products.  That way, it takes much less work in the long run to generate serious revenue.  People using this system have earned over $37,000,000 in commissions in just a few years.  That would’ve never happened if MTTB used low priced products.  If you sell low price items, then you forgo the incredible power f big ticket products.  It’s a power which can be used for great good in your business.

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