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Do You Think You Could Make It?

What would it take to survive the trip to Mount Doom?  You wouldn’t go buy yourself of course but with the whole company of elves, men, dwarves and hobbits we all know and love.  Lord Of The Rings  nerd moment, please bear with.  If you made it, you would win for yourself unimaginable glory.  You would be set.  They’d do most of the battles for you:

  • They’d fight the battles
  • They’d bring the food
  • They’d know the way

So, what would it take to join them?  Just two things that most people today can’t seem to do:

  1. A lot of walking
  2. Not losing hope

Our MTTB business owners are surrounded by capable teams of:

  • Salesmen
  • Web designers
  • Product developers
  • Order fulfillers
  • Customer service reps
  • Business coaches

All they need from you is:

  1. A lot of walking
  2. Not losing hope

Can you manage to do those two things?  If so, I can’t promise you Kingdoms and rare jewels.  Would you take consistent commissions in the $3,000s, $5,000s and $9,000s instead?  I hope so.

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