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You Don’t Need Degrees To Make A Fortune

There’s a 17 year old who probably has more degrees than you.  He cal also fly a plane even though he doesn’t have a full driver’s license yet and he works for NASA.  Moshe Kai Cavalin spoke his first word when he was 4 months old.  From there, he studied trigonometry when he was 7 and graduated community college when he was 11.  Now he is interning at NASA where he works on ways to keep planes and drones from colliding.

There’s one word that really bugs him.  Genius.  Cavalin says that when people call him a genius, they are taking it too far.  He and his parents insist that he is not some special born super brain.  Cavalin credits his success not to being born gifted but being supported by his parents and having focus and motivation.  Cavalin’s mother says he is a normal person who has worked harder than anyone she has ever seen.  So, according to him, he is just like you.

The point of all this isn’t to make you feel like you should have 12 degrees by now.  Cavalin may have been born gifted but that’s not the reason he’s working on his master’s at 17.  Under the right circumstances, people can do incredible things.

This is why MTTB is making people fortunes right now.  MTTB is a system that is designed to be user friendly and a flat out money maker.  People who join MTTB simply place ads online and that’s it.  So, as long as people are getting on the Internet, MTTB is making money.  In fact, MTTB has sent out over $25 million in sales commissions to people just like you.

It’s designed for you to win.  You don’t have to be a genius to make a fortune.  All you have to do is work and MTTB will do the rest for you.

As Cavalin would tell you, normal people can do extraordinary things.  It’s never going to get easier than this.

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