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You and the FTC

When starting to make money online, the last thing on your mind is keeping your business legally compliant.  Usually at this stage your focus tends to be on making sales.  What a lot of people in The Internet Marketing Space don’t realise is that their Internet Marketing campaigns put them in the legal grey zone and they end up seriously risking the attention of the FTC.  They don’t do this on purpose but with the rules and regulations currently, some of the stuff you see being done online is risky.

In Matt Lloyd’s Inner Circle Newsletter which is sent to your front door he covers lead generation, improving your conversions, making more sales and everything else you need to do well in Internet Marketing.  He also has some of the most highly regarded lawyers who write regularly to keep you up to date to stay on the right side of the law.  This information is fresh.  It will be current which will keep you safe legally.

You can subscribe here by clicking this link.

Whatever you decide, do not ignore this part of your business, its too important to ignore.

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