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Would You Like To Work 3″ From Your Home Office?

Are you tired of the alarm, commute and grind?  It’s not just about ticking off the to-dos.  “My nights during my last 5 years of my drinking always ended with the same ritual: I’d pour any beers left down the sink.  If I didn’t, they’d talk to me as I lay in bed until I got up and had another.  And another.  And another.  And one more.”  Stephen King.

Hopefully, none of us have the same struggles as King had but we all have some sort of Achilles’ heel that can hold us back from the good life.  It could be TV, junk food or any other temptation.  These things can destroy years of hard work, in seconds.  They can hold us back from success like we’ve got a two ton ball chained to our feet and soul.  So, just as to-dos are great for ensuring we get the things done that are important to us.  Perhaps even more important is having a lot of not-to-dos.  For e.g:

  • Do not hit the snooze button when you wake up
  • Do not check email first thing in the am
  • Do not mindlessly surf the internet
  • Do not watch Netflix when you said you’d work on your freedom plan

For this to work we must get honest and real on what could throw us off track and then develop a plan to take the right actions auto-magically.  For e.g. King poured his beers down the drain.  It’s better not to have them in the first place.  This may not sound seksy but it’s the building blocks to structure and a true lifestyle business, you can be proud of a business that requires just a few feet commute to get from bed to work.  Pyjamas are optional.

The system I recommend to help take you there, step by step.

Don’t forget to check out the guarantee you’re getting today and your own 1 on 1 mentor on the house.  I don’t know how long this will last.

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