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Without V.I.P. – You’ll R.I.P.!!!

Do you know what V.I.P. stands for?  Very Important Person.  Are V.I.P.s any more special than you and I are?  I don’t think so.  Although there are many people that prefer the V.I.P. treatment.  What does this mean for you and I?  It means that in this business or any business there is a certain number of people that are V.I.P.s.  You can either profit greatly from this fact or you can pass up a literal fortune.  This is because V.I.P.s will happily more 10* more for the velvet rope treatment.

This V.I.P. treatment is the experience and the feel you can bring them.  For making them feel elite and special like a Very Important Person.  It’s why some take a Limo rather than a taxi.  It’s why some people book the honey moon suite at a hotel rather than a standard room that’ll do the job.  It’s why there are V.I.P. tickets at ballgames and concerts.  It’s also why Disney has something called FastPass+ where families can skip the long lines and get welcomed by the famous characters at the rides plus lots of other perks that appeal to that market.

People want V.I.P.  If you’re not offering this in your business then nobodies happy.  Here’s the big hairy problem.  Not everyone knows how to set up a V.I.P. experience like this.  It’s takes a lot of work to set up.  Lots of creative and physical work and fulfilment is required to pull this off.

Your other option is to get somebody that you’ve wisely partnered with to fulfil this V.I.P. experience to your customers.  Then you get to sit back and profit handsomely from it.

Here’s the system that’ll get you there.

This one element providing a V.I.P. experience to a select group of your customers is one of the biggest causes of failure for most online entrepreneurs as they don’t offer this.

Here’s your easy quick fix solution.

Until the 1950’s the use of the term V.I.P. was non existent.  Now it’s used at an all time high.  People want it and you can profit greatly from it if you check the presentation above and get at it.  Either way you’re a V.I.P. in my book.

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