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Without A Vision, It’s Just Work

I’m convinced that people who settle for a middle of the road lifestyle, do so because they do not have a clear vision for what they’d like their lifestyle to be.

I believe most people who do not work hard because they do not believe their work is leading them to anything visionary or special.

I believe people who do work hard at a job that does not get them closer to their dreams do so because they believe it’s what they’re “supposed to do”.  It’s out of a sense of obligation.

I believe the only way out of these negative work habits is to develop a clear vision of what you want your life to look like.

Evelyn Van Der Harst who is a single mom from Adelaide, Australia had a vision.  After raising her daughters and struggling through some tough times, Evelyn set out a clear vision for the next half of her life:

  • She wanted to work just a couple days a week
  • She wanted to travel to exotic lands
  • She wanted to be her own boss
  • She wanted support from the company she worked for like the support of a family

Using her vision as her guide, Evelyn found MTTB and did really well.

Click here to watch a free video on MTTB and see how you can achieve your own vision.

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