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Why You’re Making The Same Money Everyone Else Makes

There’s a saying from Henry Ford: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”  Are you doing what people want?  Are you just creating Excel sheets and filing reports for you boss?  Then you’re not going to do anything big especially not making yourself a fortune because if you do just what people say and want, then you’re going to get the exact same thing everyone else gets.  You’ll end up with 40 years behind a desk and a retirement where you still have to worry about money.

If you think like Henry Ford or Steve Jobs, then you aren’t looking for what people say they want.  You’re looking for something different.  Something most people have never considered because that’s how you make yourself a fortune.

People want safer cars but most of the automakers never thought that a computer driving a car would be much safer than a human.  That’s why someone is going to be getting a pretty paycheck every time a driverless car rolls off the lot.  People said they wanted cheaper energy.  Most people wanted to drill more or create solar and wind energy but most didn’t think about creating energy the way the sun does.  That’s why Hydrogen fusion is going to change the world today.

That’s why you have a chance to make a fortune now because this is your chance to make cars instead of faster horses.  At the end of this blog post is a link to MTTB.  It’s an online system that allows people to make thousands of dollars every week by simply placing ads on the most popular websites in the world.  You won’t deal with traffic filled commutes.  You won’t deal with crazy bosses.  You won’t work a job that everyone works.  You will make money like no one else.

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