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Why Your Desk Job Is Obsolete

What do Harry Potter, Little Red Riding Hood and Waldo have in common?  All of those characters have had their books banned.  Yes, at one time Where Is Waldo and Little Red Riding Hood were on the banned books list but unless you’re 3-5 years old, why should you care?

The reason books are banned is the same reason you’re missing out on making a fortune online.  Books are banned because they don’t go with the status quo.  Sure books have ideas that could literally be dangerous to people but most books are banned because they tell the reader something other than what most people think.  They tell people that anything is possible and that they should think outside the box.  This sounds like rainbows and butterflies but creates a problem.  If everyone thinks they are going to be the CEO of a company things get ugly quickly.  Books inspire people, they plant ideas and they break the status quo.  That scares the hell out of people just like making a living online.

People see ads for making a living by working from your own computer and say they are scams or fake because they represent something new and something different.  They mean the 9-5 desk job is obsolete.  This means it scares everyone who works at a desk.  Sure some online systems don’t work but MTTB is not one of them.

MTTB is a tried and true system that has earned it’s affiliates over $25 million is sales commissions all while working from their own computer.  So, yes the desk job is now obsolete but you don’t need to worry because now you have MTTB.

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