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Why You Shouldn’t Follow Your Dreams

In 2013, Gallup polled American workers and found that for every one worker engaged in their work, there were two that were “Actively disengaged.”  All throughout my childhood, I was told to follow my dreams.  Then I grew up and figured out what I wanted to do but like everyone who tries to follow their dreams, I hit some roadblocks.

This is how people end working a job they never imagined and doing something they don’t enjoy.  Those dreams that people say to follow all your life were out of reach to everyone except a few people who got lucky or knew the right people.  This leads to being actively disengaged, feeling mad, disappointed and feeling like being lied to.  The worst part is seeing ads and emails that tell you to quit your job and follow your dreams.

Ads that told me how this person quit their job and now they’d doubled their income and cut their workload in half or how they got to travel the world while they worked.  They were the lucky few and I was with everyone else.  I thought about the lucky people who the ads told me about and I realised the reason that they were so lucky was because the rest of us either stopped following our dreams when the going got tough and were too happy with wallowing in our misery to try again.

The only reason those people were able to earn livings so good that their company’s bragged about them was because the rest of us were so busy with being actively disengaged with our jobs that they were the only ones left.  99% of us quit at the first signs of trouble leaving the 1% who could cut it, the best jobs.

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