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Why You Should Never Do Business Alone?

I have a weird but true story for you today.  Not too long ago, there was someone on the beach, let’s call him John and a man walked up to him.  He said he was a prophet.  There was scepticism but the stranger insisted he had supernatural powers.  So, he took John down to the ocean.  The sun was setting and you could see it’s reflection on the ocean.  The man told him to look at the reflection of the sun of the water and to watch closely.  He started walking along the beach, then looked at him and said: “See?”  Frankly, John didn’t see and told him that: “See what?”  He said: “The reflection of the sun follows me.”

The man failed to realise that the reflection of the sun follows everyone when they walk along the beach.  It’s all a perspective thing.  It looks like the sun is only following you when you walk along the water but it looks like that for everyone.  John realised this and told the man.

Now, pause for a moment.  John was in a unique position to help the man.  He knew something the man didn’t know and if he listened, he could have learned some important things of himself and the world but he didn’t buy it.

When John told him that he was mistaken about the sun, he kept on walking along the beach and pointing at the sun’s reflection.  He insisted that it was following him and him only.  He thought John was making stuff up.

The main point of this story was thinking about how important it is to get an outside perspective on things.  It’s too easy to get stuck in your own ideas.  To think that you’re a prophet or to think that your methods and tactics are always the best.

This applies to business just as much as anything.  It’s dangerous because you’ll stop growing and so will your business.  You’ll stop seeing your mistakes and how to fix them.

MTTB pairs you with a mentor and surrounds you with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.  That way, you’re not doing business alone.  When you start making mistakes, you have people to help point them out.  It’s absolutely critical when you’re in charge of a business.

Of course, it’s kind of nice to think that you’re a prophet.  That sun follows you wherever you go.  That you’re always right.  If you want to think that, it’s up to you.

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