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Why Struggling Online Is Part Of The Process For Making Money Online?

Fear is where the money is.  You should love fear.  Jerry Maguire should’ve been screaming at the top of his lungs: “show me the fear!”  You should be looking at your to do list each day and asking: “how much fear did I get done?”  You should look your fears square in the eyes and punch it in the face unless your fear is a person, of course.  Fear is:

  • Sometimes cleverly disguised as procrastination
  • Hopping on FB
  • Checking email so much that you now do it without even realising it
  • Sometimes found in overwhelm
  • Sometimes covered in stress and extremely weird feelings
  • Discomfort in doing that thing
The best solution is to just do the thing that you fear.  You don’t need to read a 336 page book to discover that, even though there are 1,000’s of them out there, just do it.  That’s how you remove the fear and that’s how you become a success.  Overtime those fears will disappear.  Then you will need a new group of fears as you’ll now simply upgrade to newer and bigger and better ones.  That’s a good thing.  If you’re a smart fella, you’ll realise that fear equals growth.  It transmutes to success.  It’s the thing that holds most people back.  They’re not willing to push themselves just a little bit past their current comfort zone each day.
The problem is when you know you fear that thing like taking action in starting an internet business and you don’t do it, you feel like crap afterwards.  It feels like fear is some real person and it kicked our tail yet again, another day.  When you do it, even though the first step in pushing past that fear was tough, you feel like a million bucks.  Ironically enough, that’s exactly how you’ll get to a million bucks.
Don’t let fear get you.  Get it by getting going, by doing it.  If you’ve been putting off starting an internet business because of some type of fear or doubt, don’t let it conquer you for good.  Don’t think about your past failures either.  The past is the past.  What matters is now.
Remember, you’ll get through step 1 of this course and fear will creep in.  Knowing this will give you power.  Determine now that when that happens, you’ll keep pushing, you’ll keep going, you’ll keep doing.  I’m in your corner to help you and I know you can do this.
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