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Why MTTB Is Like Apple-Cider Vinegar?

“Stop scratching!”  Have you ever got that advice from a parent, a doctor or even yourself, when you had a really bad itch?  You know you shouldn’t scratch your itch.  Scratching just makes things worse but sometimes you just can’t help it.  Sometimes the itch is just so….itchy that you just have to scratch it.  The problem is that when you scratch your itch it just makes you more itchy which in turn makes you scratch more and this makes you scratch even  more.  Then you go down the miserable, vicious and itchy cycle.

Another example you may be able to relate to.  Let’s say that for whatever reason, you’re not deeply in love with your job.  I know that might be hard for you to imagine but just pretend for a moment.  Pretend that your job isn’t everything you want it to be and that you’re not dying to go into the office every morning.  Are you imagining this?  You have some options.  You could use the scratching tactic.  Facebook is a great way to scratch.  It’s a great way to get temporary relief from that miserable job.  Another way to scratch the itch is to take a vacation.

The problem with scratching is that the problem won’t go away.  As soon as you get back from browsing Facebook or the vacation, the miserable job will still be right there waiting for you.  In fact, you’ll only end up aggravating the problem.  You’ll probably want to do your work even less when you get back from that vacation.

There’s an alternative to scratching.  Apple cider vinegar.  Apple cider vinegar works like itch cream.  It takes time but with repeated application, it ends up removing the itch instead of aggravating it.

Think of MTTB like Apple cider vinegar.  It takes time and it’s a system that involves 21 steps.  If you apply it and reapply it (Sticking to the system, making use of your personal coach and putting the time in), you’ll be working towards removing the problem of an unpleasant job instead of aggravating it.

Now, I’m not your doctor but if you dread going into the office every morning, I can’t help but make a suggestion.  Stop scratching.  Even if it’s not MTTB, find some solution that removes the problem instead of aggravating it.

With that being said, MTTB:

  • Is $49
  • Has been proven to work for “normal people” by “normal people”
  • Is backed by Matt Lloyd’s guarantee where he’ll pay you 10 times your money back if you don’t make a big commission ($1,000) within 21 days

So, if you can find a better solution then by all means use it.  If not:

Give MTTB a try by going here.

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