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Why Is The MTTB Guarantee So Crazy Strong?

If you’ve been paying attention to these blog posts, you’ve probably noticed that I mention the “Ten times your money back guarantee” quite a bit.  You’ve most likely heard of money back guarantees before or maybe even more than your money back guarantees.

Ten times your money back sounds a little crazy right?  So, why is MTTB’s guarantee so crazy strong?  It’s for a number of reasons:

  1. MTTB works – If you follow the 21 step system, you will earn a commission in 30 days, probably several commissions.
  2. There’s a lot of lazy folks who will never do the 21 steps.
  3. There’s a lot of people who think they’re too smart for a system.

The third point requires some explaining.  To get ten times your money back, you must work the 21 step system.  If you don’t work the 21 step system, you don’t get your money back.

Matt Lloyd knows one of the reasons people fail at MTTB is because they’re too smart for the system.  They trust their own business insights more than the system.  They doubt the system.  They try to shortcut the system.  They try to make it a 5 step system, a 12 step system or a 17 step system.  They skip steps they think are unnecessary.  They’re too smart for their own good.  Of course, they fail.

This system is not for people who are looking for shortcuts.  Those people don’t get their money back when they fail.  In fact, you can thank those people when you do succeed.  Their money goes into your pocket.

MTTB’s amazing guarantee is only for people who work the system.  If you work the system, it works for you.

Try it out for $49 here.

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