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Why Do All This Hard Work If You Don’t Have To

How much of all Internet usage comes from mobile devices?  Is it 35%, 45% or even 50%?  None of them.  According to Reuters, a whopping 75% of all Internet usage will occur on mobile devices in 2017 but that’s not all.  60% of all money earned from online ads will come through mobile browsing by 2018.

You know what that means, right?  If you’re hoping to earn any money through online ads, you won’t just need to have mobile ads.  You’re going to need mobile ads that look good.  The ads that will be earning money in the future are the ones that won’t stretch across screens or annoy users by being so big that they have to search for the exit icon all over their screen.  If you can’t do that then you won’t be able to earn a dime online.  It’s survival of the fittest and you’ll be left behind in the blink of an eye if you can’t create perfect mobile and desktop ads which sounds like a lot of work.

So, why do it if you don’t have to?  MTTB affiliates never create ads.  They’re sent to them and all they have to do is place them and receive the sales commissions but that’s not it.  They work from anywhere but their own computer or close deals or deal with long payment processing.

In fact, MTTB might be the easiest way to earn a living through online advertising out there.  So, what are you waiting for?

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