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What You Won’t Learn At The IM Freedom Workshop?

You might be thinking that, since the upcoming IM Freedom Workshops are free, that they want anybody and everybody to attend but it’s not true.  There’s some folks who should just stay home.  If they show up, they’ll just waste our time and their own.  Since we’ve not done as good a job of disqualifying these folks as we should in the past, we want to make it very clear who should not come:

  • Do not come if you’re not planning on starting your own internet business in the next few months.  This is really only for entrepreneurs who have the desire to get started making money online now.
  • Do not come if you’re afraid of promoting high-ticket items.  One of the things our team will be teaching is the importance of finding high-priced products that pay high commissions.  Some people get scared when we mention commissions of $1,000 or more.  We only want people who can think big.
  • Do not come if you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme.  Our team will show you the easiest, fastest way to make real money online but it will take effort just like anything worth doing.  If you’re not afraid of working a few hours a day to achieve your dreams of financial freedom, then get to one of these events.  If that sounds like too much work, just stay on the couch.

Are you still with me?  Great, then I hope you come to the event.  Each one is 2 hours long.  I hope you make it to one of them.

Here’s the link to register for one of them.

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