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What Monopoly Can Teach You About Online Success

Do you remember Monopoly?  The childhood game that teaches you the cruelty of tyranny.  At the start of the game, everyone is happy.  Everyone feels friendly towards each other.  There’s plenty of time, property and money.

You roll the dice, move your token, buy a deed, pass go and collect $200.  It was repeat ad nauseam but then the bloodshed.  The big terrifying, red hotels go up.  Next minute, $2,000 of your cash has been spilled.  For a night’s stay in your neighbour’s Boardwalk Empire.  The game ends.  You feel the weight of it and you’ve been dominated.

So, what went wrong?  It wasn’t that you had fewer skills, less time or fewer turns.  The fundamental flaw came from playing a game that leave success to luck.  Save yourself some grief in the real world.

Instead of rolling the dice, find a proven system.  In 21 steps, MTTB teaches you how to start making big commissions online.  So, stop banking on good luck.

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