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What I Found In The Dark Hole

I still remember it.  When I was a kid, I was wandering around in my backyard.  I came across a hole in the ground.  It was pretty big and very dark.  Anything could live in a dark hole.  It could be snakes or tarantulas.  So, part of me knew that it was a bad idea to put my hand in it.  Yet, it was there asking for my hand and I couldn’t help myself.

So, I jammed my hand in the hole.  Right then, a zing of pain shot my arm.  Then there was more and more pain.  I jerked my hand back, fell down and started brawling.  Then I heard a buzzing sound.  As I looked around me, I realised that I had stuck my hand in a big ‘ol hornets’ nest.  They stung me over and over again.  It hurt like crazy.  I learned a very valuable lesson which was to always have a healthy fear of dark holes.

Like I said, anything could live in the dark hole.  A dark hole is any place you might go or thing you might do where you don’t know what the consequences will be.  So, before you take Mr. Charismatic upon his life changing offer and before you join Mrs successful in her once in a lifetime opportunity, find out what the consequences might be or you might get stung.  With that being said, it’s perfectly okay to take risks.  Just know what you’re risking, so you know whether the opportunity is worth the risk.

So, if you don’t know what MTTB is about, don’t sign up for it.  In brief, it’s a 21 step system that teaches you how to start making big ticket commissions online.  It pairs you with a coach, a sales team and a community of fellow entrepreneurs.  You will see plenty of testimonials from everyday regular people just like you and I from the link below.

If MTTB is no longer a dark hole for you and you know what you’re getting into:

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