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What EBOLA Can Teach You About Money?

Unless you’ve been living in an underground bunker with no access to humanity, you’ve likely been hearing all about EBOLA.  It’s a serious virus for sure.  What I find interesting and it’s an insight that can actually make you more money and drastically up your chances of success in business and life in general.

The interesting this is that: first the event happens.  The Ebola Virus, Bomb and a failed business attempt.  After the event is the scare.  People panic, they’re angry and scared.  Then comes the blame: “It’s Obama’s fault.”  “Why didn’t he/they do this…?”  If you want to see this in action, just observe.  Watch the news right now and listen to them talk about this.  Now, I don’t plan on debating about anything in this example as that’s all it is, an example.

What I want to talk to you about is how this can help you.  Let’s think about our business again.  Failure (the event) is inevitable every time.  It’s part of the process.  The successful people know this.  They’ve done it hundreds or thousands of times.  They fail, push through it, fail again, repeat and then boom, success.

The non-successful get irate, mad and join the complainers club.  Rather than looking inside themselves to see where they went wrong, they proudly point their index finger at somebody else.  They blame that person.  Rarely any good comes it.  There’s:

  • No growth
  • No learning
  • No personal responsibility
  • No pushing though to the next level which is where the profits and life you want is

The point of today is that no matter how great the system is, even a reliable proven to work time and time again system like MTTB, you’ll still have many failures and setbacks on the way to your success.  They don’t have to be major ones but there is always a learning curve of some sort in doing something new.  Nothing works as perfectly as we imagine it will.  We know this, right?

When this happens, no matter what the case is, take personal responsibility.  Then decide to keep pushing, to keep following the plan and keep going no matter what.  You’ll quickly get to profitable, to $1k, to $10k and even more per month.  Believe me, once you’re there, it’ll all be totally worth it all.  If you can follow the simple steps just a couple then nothing you can find will beat what The MTTB System can do for you just like it has for many members around the globe.

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