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What Beats Hype, Swipe And Might?

It seems like more than any other space, in the online world, we love techniques.  I know, I do.  I’d travel hundreds of miles to learn 1 teeny tip I can use in my own business.  Why you may ask?  Just 1 tip can add another 0 or 2 to my bank account.  This extra 0 equates to more money, more holidays and doing more of what I want in life.

You shouldn’t be just focusing on techniques especially if you’re not yet at 6 figures in your business.  It’s near suicide.  By far, the most important thing you should be focused on is: your niche selection and then our offer.  Richard Sears, the founder of the corporate giant Sears and the man who started the famous Sears catalog said it best: “If it’s the right offer, to the right person, at the right time, I can write it on the back of an old paper bag in crayon and it will sell well.”  This is why picking the right market is so important.

This emphasises where a lot of your initial and on going focus should be.  More specifically what you should be looking for is easy markets.  Those are the best ones.  This means: a group of people that is easy to reach.  They have a burning need and want for what it is you’re selling.  They’ve also demonstrated a willingness and ability to buy the kinds of things you’re selling to them.  That’s what we call an easy market and an easy money.

In the online world, they call it the big 3: Health, Wealth and Relationships.  This gives you a good place to start and niche down from.  It’s probably no surprise to you how perfectly The Home Business, Internet Business Model fits all the criteria.  Normally, I’d recommend you tackle any of the top , granted you can stand out and niche down enough to dominate a certain pocket of that market.  However, what still comes into play is profitability and leverage so you’re not killing yourself worker than you would be on your job and not getting the profits that you should be.

If you want the ultimate form of leverage, you’ll find that it resides in having a sales team working for you and a system that brings in high ticket commissions.  Out of the big 3 of Health, Wealth and Relationships, this is the only one 1 know that can near instantly get you profits from $1k-$9k + per customer.

Click here to watch the presentation and get started.

If you have any issues with anything, just ask me.  Seriously, you can keep searching for the magic bullet, you can try to duplicate what others are doing on the surface, you can work yourself into the ground but none of that will work unless you heed the advice in today’s blog post and then decide to so something about it.

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