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Wealth Creation Secrets From Magnum P.I.

Besides his ‘exquisite’ mustache, Magnum was one mean Private Investigator as well.  If you know what I’m talking about, you will know that Magnum P.I. was a very popular show in the 80’s starring Tom Selleck.  It had a great theme song as well.  If you take one of his skills, that you can also do, it will help you to make a lot more crisp green moolah.  In a great P.I.’s bag of skills is the ability to track down people.  There are several reasons people need to be found such as to be spied on, caught or saved.  The vest best and highest paid P.I.’s do this one way.  This is done by them becoming the other person.  They think about the other person’s likes, hobbies and emotional state.  They try to think what they think and they feel how they would feel.  Soon enough mission accomplished.  The person is found.

As I was saying earlier picking up the skill yourself will put a lot more cash into your pockets.  Yet very few people are doing this.  They get it all wrong.  Their clouded minds can’t get past thinking about what they want.  This is a bad move.  So listen carefully.  If you want to achieve anything you want in life, you need to help others get what they want first.  It’s as simple as that.  To accomplish this, you need to learn everything you can about them.  You need to get out of your shoes and like a P.I. into their shoes.  Find out what you can about their needs, wants, age, dreams, fears, pains, aspirations and anything else you can.  So will you do this?  I hope you do.  The world needs less elfish people and more servants.  As a great side-effect is that your income will grow.

This is what we try to focus on in MTTB.  Helping others get what they want.  Picking up the phone and helping people to success.  You will get supported, taking people by the hand and serving them in the most beneficial way we can for them and for you.  It’s a very rewarding way to do business.

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