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Vader, Spongebob And Indiana Jones

One of the top movies out right now is Lego the movie.  This is the first time there has ever been this kind of a diverse array of characters including Batman, Woody, Spongebob, Darth Vader and Indiana Jones all in one movie.  What did it take to get all these characters together?  In one word licensing.  Hundreds of millions with many licensing deals is what it took to secure the license rights.  Why would they secure a deal like this to create Lego’s?  This is because nobody wants a skinny cowboy, they want Woody.  They don’t want a guy in black tights, they want Vader.

It’s worth it for companies to license out brands, heroes and big names.  Someone out there has already done all the hard work of creating, branding and establishing a big name.  If they came out to the scene as a newbie with no big name, their chances of success would be a lot lower.  This is why you see part 2, 3, 4 and even more parts of movies.  Fast and Furious is at 7 now.  This is what is called a franchise.  These movies are more less guaranteed hits.

The thing is, you can use leverage like this in your online business as well.  By using licensing which is very powerful.  Instead of starting everything from scratch all by yourself, you can leverage a big brand, proven business models, marketing methods and you can leverage all of this and start making big commissions a lot quicker.

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