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Untapped Traffic Source

Would you like access to the best traffic sources in the world?  If you do, you really have to understand this point.  It does sound a little bit reverse.  This is because most newbies set up their sales funnels from the buyers perspective instead of the sellers.  Their thoughts are usually to find a high converting traffic source, an awesome opt in page and then collect all the nice commission checks.  If you think that way, you will always be disappointed with your traffic sources and you will be broke in no time.

The main way of fixing this is by improving your conversions and economics.  Lets say you are getting 1 sale out of 100 leads you get.  This works out to a 1% conversion rate.  This conversion is not too good.  If you started working on improving your conversions rather on the golden traffic source and you get 15 sales out of 100 leads, this would be a 15% conversion rate.  This is very profitable.  So it wasn’t a traffic problem, it was about improving conversions.  Some people think a 15% conversion is too high but I disagree.  You have to think about this longer than just the initial opt in and offer and realise that the first transaction shouldn’t be the last.  You have to work your leads from traffic source, to opt in, to adding value through Emails and Webinars and then you should be able to convert your leads to buyers at 15%.

This leads us to the Economics of the business, which is where you should start in the first place.  The economy has changed over the last year and people are overwhelmed.  This means you need a high ticket offer in your funnel and people need action.  The need a coach to help them take the knowledge and put it to use.  The also need accountability and a workable system.

This is exactly what you get with MTTB.

When you have an online business and know you can earn $1k, $3k and $5k commissions on the back end, without having to pick up the phone or handle any fulfillment, something incredible happens.  You get the WHOLE OCEAN.  You can join MTTB and start promoting with virtually any legit traffic source and profit from it.  Don’t worry about 0.01 penny clicks.  Think how you can afford the most on traffic and dominate.  If you do this, you wont have a traffic issue again.  You will need to know how to leverage and how to set all this up.  You also need to know traffic honey holes to go to.  You will find all this inside the MTTB system.  MTTB is a game changer training and coaching program.

Check out MTTB if you’re ready to play this game seriously.

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