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Triage For Business – The Fast Cash Method

In the extreme situation when tragedy strikes, terrorism, natural disasters or whatever the case is, the early responders to the scene implement something called S.T.A.R.T.  IT stands for:

  • Simple
  • Triage
  • And
  • Rapid
  • Treatment

This is done when results are needed ultra fast.  This is when there’s no room for playing around.  It’s similar to the fast results many want in our industry.  The key is in the simple, rapid, and triage parts of it.  We get the simple part right?  The simpler the system, the more likely we’ll be able to do it.  If it’s too complicated, we’ll get frustrated and just give up.  We get the rapid part as well.  We need to take fast action or we’ll never get the results we want.  No lollygagging in this business.  There’s no time for watching other people succeed whilst we’re sitting on the side lines.  We have to be in the game playing our best.

Then there’s the triage and this is where many people get tripped up.  Triage is basically where you assign ‘degrees of urgency’ to something so that you’re focusing on the most important and critical things first.  This is where most folks get all bamfuzzled.  They’re trying to learn and do all the wrong things.

I’ll be blunt with you.  If you’re not at the $75k+ level a year in your online business yet, you have little to no business creating products, trying to build complicated systems and managing staff or affiliates.  So, what should you be doing?  Triage.  You focus on the critical, most important things and that is all you do.  In emergency situation, rescuers will be focused on saving lives.  If they get a call from an older woman with a cat stuck in her tree, they wouldn’t even entertain the thought of leaving the scene to help this lady with a legit problem.  It’s the same thing here.  Triage.  There are other things you could do.  Things that warrant your attention at some point but not just yet.

Right now, you need results fast.  You need cash in your pockets.  So, what do you do?  The first step to making big money online is to get leads.  You need to nurture and build relationships with these leads.  The better they know you, the better the results you’ll get.  That should be your focus.  Just getting leads.  That’s how you’ll get rapid results and profits online.

This system will not only teaches you exactly how to get leads very easily but it will do pretty much everything else for you including:

  • Product fulfilment
  • High ticket commissions online with you doing a thing
  • New updated trainings regularly
  • A true, proven, automated and 7-figure system
  • And a whole lot more

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