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Top Tips On Email Marketing

Opt-in based Email Marketing is one of the best ways to build long relationships with your customers as well as delivering a high return on investment.  This is one of the best ways to have better conversion rates, improve your customer satisfaction and if done well you can even sell more products to your existing customers.

There are many DOs and DON’Ts of Email Marketing which are listed below:


  • Promote your email newsletter on your website to build your targeted list of email subscribers.
  • Make sure your leads when they opt in, know the content and frequency of your mailing.
  • Send your emails regularly to your leads.
  • Send relevant informational content in your emails as well as the offers you send.  By adding real value in your content, it helps to build a relationship with your leads.  This way they will be interested in your future emails.  This also means less unsubscribes and higher conversions from leads into sales.
  • Track your open, click-through and conversion rates to see how track how effective your email campaigns are.  Whats gets measured get managed and this will help you to change email campaigns based on the tracking results.
  • Make use of a feature that forwards an email onto a friend to increase leads through pass-alongs.
  • Segment your list so you can send send emails on certain offers that mach the lead’s interests.  You will get less unsubscribes this way as your leads will get offers on what they are interested in.
  • Test your email messages by sending them to yourself first and then to your list, once there are no problems.
  • Process unsubscribes in a timely fashion.


  • Fall for offers that sound too good to be true because they usually are too good to be true.  If you get a lot of subscribers such as a million for a very low cost, be very skeptical.  Most of these subscribers tend not to be opt-ins and end up up in junk and spam folders.
  • Buy cds containing email addresses.  Don’t send to them.  For one you will get a low response rate and it could cause your ISP to disconnect you from the internet.
  • Use an email provider that doesn’t have a strict anti spam policy.  Without this feature most of your messages will be blocked or discarded.
  • Use ALL CAPS or $ signs, or even over using the word FREE.  This tends to reduce conversion rates as well as increasing unsubscribe rates.  Many spam filters will also block this type of content.

By using these tips and tricks, you will give your email marketing campaigns maximum exposure and effectiveness, which will result in successful email marketing campaigns.

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