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Top 5 Reasons To Join MTTB

MTTB has many benefits and it can help you in many ways.  Below are the top 5 reasons to join MTTB:

  1. High Ticket Programs – I was sold immediately on high ticket programs.  I have seen many conferences and events that were priced quite highly.  There are events that are sold for $5,000, $15,000 and $50,000 and beyond.  High Ticket Programs offer products and services that are of great value to the buyer.  The good thing is an you get a high commission for selling these programs.  This is exactly what MTTB does for you.  The products are already created so it saves you a lot of time and money.  As a Licensee, you get paid up to 90% commissions.  Stop getting low ticket commissions and start making at least $1,000 commissions from now on.
  2. Professional Phone Sales Team – I was happy with the program as the main thing I have to do is to send traffic to The MTTB pages and the phone sales team calls back the leads to close the deals.  This is the only company I have ever seen that closes deals for you and you still get a good cut of the commissions.  Matt Lloyd has a great phone sales team and they all have had great success in closing deals.
  3. Free Mercedes Benz – I have not seen this anywhere else.  As a Licensee, if you get 5 license right sales a month, then you qualify.  You would go down to your local Mercedes Benz dealership and pick what ever one you like.  All you have to do is to keep getting at least 5 license rights sales a month.  Many MTTB members have already got their own MOBE Mercs.
  4. Traveling to Exotic Locations – I would sure love to go to exotic locations with my family.  Matt and his team team pay for your entertainment, flights and everything.  All you have to do is get there.  You get training from some of the best Internet Marketers in the world and you get to spend some time 1 on 1 with other very successful MOBE partners.
  5. Focused Goals – There are three levels in MOBE which you can set your own goals to achieve.  The first one is The MOBE License Rights Program which gives you the opportunity to earn 90% commissions and every time someone under you buys The License Rights, you get a $1,000 commission.  The second level is The Titanium Mastermind which is similar to the License Rights Program but when one of your License Rights members purchases The Titanium Mastermind, you get a $3,000 commission.  The third level is The Platinum Mastermind which is similar to The Titanium Mastermind but when one of your Titanium Mastermind members purchases The Platinum Mastermind, you make a $5,000 commission.  You also get invited to exotic locations with some of the smartest minds and you will get wealth, marketing and personal development secrets.

There are many benefits you get with MTTB.  I am personally inviting you to come on board with MTTB and let’s make enough money together.  Think about the high ticket commissions, the professional sales team closing deals for you, driving in a Mercedes Benz of your choice, traveling to exotic locations, leveraging the products and positioning yourself with great minds and partners.

On top of everything you get with MTTB, as a bonus I will get on the phone with you through Skype and will help you with anything you need to get started making money online.  My Skype id is: ishsarwar.  Add me and I will help you.

Click here to get the ball rolling.

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