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Tips On Banner Ads

There are no set rules on what make a good Banner Ad.  There are a lot of different factors that determine how effective your Banner Ad is.  There is no way to predict how the Banner Ad will do as it depends on the visitors clicking your Banner Ad which is unpredictable.  You will have a successful Banner Ad through lots of trial and error experimentation.  When you put your Banner Ad up, track it to see the clicks you get, if it is a good click through rate you can leave it but if not, you should change something and track the results.

Below are top tips on how to make a Banner Ad more effective to help you make money online:

  • Put you Banner Ads on websites where your target market will see them
  • Pick an offer and promote that with your Banner Ad
  • Link the Banner Ad to the page of your website that promotes the particular product or service rather than the homepage
  • Put your Banner Ads at the top and on the Sidebar of the website
  • Try to keep your message simple
  • Use animated Banner Ads
  • Your Banner Ad should make someone curious to click
  • Keep your Banner Ad to a reasonable size- If it takes too long to load people will leave your website

One of the most important to do is to make sure your Banner Ads are visually appealing with content that is interesting and place the Ads so that the visitors see them and are hungry for your offer.  This is hard to master.  Advertising constantly changes.  You get newer ways of doing things all the time.

You can use Keyword Targeting.  This means Banner Ads are targeted show based on the activity of the user on The Internet.  So Advertisers can buy keywords on a search engine so that their ads show up when a user tries a particular keyword search.  The Advertiser can buy keywords related to that product or service and this will increase click through rates as the visitor has shown that he or she is interested in the product or service.

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