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This Makes Me Stick My Fingers In My Ears And Scream

Here’s my number one musical pet peeve: You know the right way to listen to music is to sit down and listen consecutively through a whole album?  It’s the best way to hear what the artist really has to say.

So, my pet peeve is this: When I sit down to listen through an album, it turns out that the artist has just patched together some mismatched tracks and pretended they have something to do with one another.  They had my ear but they wasted my time.

I feel the same way when I see disintegrated marketing platforms.  Voices in conflict, asymmetrical vocabulary, tone and coloration differences.  In all, just a failure to say one thing well.  We’re critics in our spare time but our main work is to integrate a marketing and sales platform around one simple principle which is to make money.  Let’s build your platform together.  It’s difficult work but you’re hard worker and we’re brilliant teachers.

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