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This Little Kid Tells A Brilliant Joke About Elephants

You wanna hear a joke from a five year old?  Sure you do.  Here’s one from a little kid: “How do you kill a lella-phant?”  I don’t know.  Tell me.  The reply was: “With a lella-phant gun.”  The more I think about his answer, the more I think he’s really onto something.

One marketing guru I once read said: “You can’t kill an elephant gun with a BB gun.”  Now, I’m not sure if that’s true but even if it is, it’s not very helpful.  I’m sure there’s lots of ways to kill an elephant and a number of them will get the job done.  The best way to kill an elephant would be to use a gun that was created for the sole purpose of killing an elephant.  It would obviously do the job better than anything.

Well, MTTB is an elephant gun.  That is to say, we’ve designed a program specifically to address people’s need for financial wiggle room, a more flexible work schedule, seamless communication and guaranteed success.

What are you using to meet those needs?

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