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This Is Why I Will Never Trust A Leadership Guru

Somehow, a friend of mine just roped me into attending a *yaaawn* leadership webinar and I learned so much.  Some self proclaimed leadership guru got up and asked everyone to describe the perfect leader.  After listening to their riveting ideas, here are my 4 biggest takeaways as to why leadership webinars suck:

  1. They offer no real opportunity – All a guru can do is make you feel good about yourself.  They can’t give you a job, make you money or offer you support.
  2. Participation trophies – The smiling crocodile giving the presentation simply praised everyone’s silly answers.  Real leaders don’t affirm wrong answers.  They show you what you’re doing wrong so you can do it the right way.
  3. Gurus are leeches – They’re unemployed either because they’re not willing to get a job or because no one will hire them.  They only make money when gullible people give in.
  4. MTTB is the better way

We take your success too seriously to make you feel good about yourself.  We offer you real opportunities to make money.  Our methods work.  You can make commissions in the $1000s, $3000s, $5000s or $9000s.

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