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The Next Generation Of Online Wealth Creation

Word Press has expanded from a blogging platform to a Content Management System for everything e-commerce has required smart marketers to use various plug-ins that accomplish certain goals like coupon codes, protecting downloads or producing graphical headlines.  It’s taken quite a while for a plug-in to thoroughly tackle the money making area of list-building.

The WP List Booster Plug-in by Sam Zadworny who is a relatively new marketers has set up all elements of site design and visitor behaviour to help you build your list.  At first glance, the plug-in is described as a Swiss-Army Knife of list building lets you do so much that it can be a challenge to decide what elements you want on your website.  The simplicity of the user interface lets you decide exactly where and how you want to strategically build your list and integrate it into your design.  Overall, this tool really does deliver on it’s promises.

In a short test on an existing website, using just 2 of the enhanced list building features in the WP List Building Plug-in, the site had an increase of 300% in opt-ins from just under 10% to 29% of all the visitors leaving their name and email address.  The tool contains a number of positives that were obvious immediately including:

  • The designer clearly is a strong marketer
  • The price is exceptionally reasonable and there weren’t up sells and down sells you see many marketers using
  • The plug-in integrates well with other plug-ins like Optimize Press with no conflicts

I do have one small complaint with it.  Even though the price is crazy low, I do like tools that offer a universal license.  I don’t like having to decide if I want it once or for all sites.  Even then, the price for a full license is so reasonable it made the decision easy.

According to the sales letter, the tool gets 4 and a half stars:

***** – Ease of Installation
****  –  Ease of Use and Documentation
***** – Completeness
***** – Income Effect

Click here to see Sales Letter for The WP List Booster Plug-in.

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