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The Myth Of Hard Work

Have you ever told yourself consciously or even subconsciously that if I just keep working hard enough, I’ll eventually save enough time and money to start my own business.  It’s a lie a lot of folks believe.  We believe that:

  • Hard work is the way to freedom.
  • Hard work now will mean less work at some misty point in the future.
  • Hard work now will somehow magically create more time in the future.
It’s a subtle and seductive lie.  Maybe you’ve seen glimpses of the truth in your own life:
  • Relying on hard work does not clear up time in the future.
  • Relying on hard work does not make for less work in the future.

Work only creates more work.  The attitude that work is the most important thing actually creates more work in the future.  “Working harder” becomes the answer to everything.

The only way to achieve freedom of time, space and money is to break off the “hard work torture rack” and carve out time.  You create your own time.  Stand up against the tyranny of hard work and say: “I’m not going to wait for some magical, mystical time in the future to suddenly arrive.  I’m going to make time now to do what is important to me.”

The best way to start is to carve out 30 minutes each day to start working on Matt Lloyd’s MTTB system.  With high commissions guaranteed in the first 30 days or ten times your money back, it’s the best way to go.

The time is now.

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