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The My Top Tier Business Selling Process

This is the main process of how MTTB does the selling work for you.  This applies to leads who have typed in their email address into a squeeze page.  The main processes are shown below:

1. Every lead will receive follow up emails – There is a 45 day sequence which has been tested for years and is constantly getting improved to increase conversions.

2. MTTB Sales Videos – Your leads will be taken to a sales video.  If they buy after watching this video you get a nice commission.  If not your leads keep getting the sales video through follow up emails.

3. Different Sales Approaches – The Email follow ups will use different sales approaches with different webinars and different copy writing.  This is to use the best approach for your leads.

4. Email Sequence Adjustment – The system tracks which links your leads click.  So you can find out about your lead’s interests.  The email sequence will get changed accordingly based on the interests of the lead.

5. Up Sells – Once one of your leads buy something, the email follow up sequence changes so that the lead is offered up sells.  This is because if someone has bought from you before then they are much more likely to buy from you again.  If you sell just once, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

6.  The MTTB Phone Sales Team – This is one one the best parts of MTTB.  This improves the conversions a lot.  Let the phone sales team do their job and you get the commissions.

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