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The Magic 4th Ingredient To Run A Profitable Internet Marketing Business

There is a 4th magic ingredient to run a very profitable online business.  Without this one ingredient you have a recipe for disaster.  Most of the time you hear people mention three things to build a profitable business:

  1. Traffic
  2. Conversions
  3. Sales

The formula says that traffic plus conversions equal sales.  The first thing most people do is to find a hot market, they find a product to sell and they send traffic to that offer to get sales.  This is completely backwards.  The 4th ingredient is the Economics.

The 4th Ingredient

The 4th Ingredient

The triangle was created by Perry Marshall and Jack Born and it shows the 4th ingredient Economic as E but without it the process doesn’t work.   The main idea of this is that you have to make a profit on what you are selling after spending on your traffic.  If you are not in a profit, then you don’t have a profitable business.  You will end up losing money and unable to spend more on advertising.  Only when you are in a profit, can you reinvest into your business.  This is what the economics is about.

Matt Lloyd will cover this concept in more detail when you join My Top Tier Business.  He will talk to you about how he mastered the economics with top tier sales.  It is really important to understand this concept as it is one the main reasons why MTTB is so successful.  Matt Lloyd has covered this formula for you and it will be done for you.  While you do need to understand this concept, when you join My Top Tier the conversions, sales and economics ingredients are taken care of for you.  The main thing you need to focus on is sending traffic to MMTB and you will be shown how to do that as well.  Matt Lloyd’s sales funnels and phone sales team take care of the rest.  You will get $1,000, $3,000 or $5,000 deposited in to your bank account every time some one on Matt’s phone sales team makes a sale with one of your leads.

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