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The “Light Bulb” Strategy For Online Success

If you have the right idea, everything falls into place.  I learned this in school.  If I had a really good idea for a paper and clearly understood the idea, it always felt like my paper would just write itself.  It’s as if good ideas have a natural tendency to actualize themselves and they just need someone to understand them before they can do it.

Now, it can be a challenge to find a good idea.  Sometimes it took me a while but when I found it, everything else was downhill.

It’s also very similar when you have a great business idea and you clearly understand that idea.  The business in a strange and nearly unexplainable way becomes basically destined for success.  It takes on a life of it’s own.  The actual implementation of the idea just seems to flow out of the idea itself.

The beauty of MTTB is that you don’t have to spend your time and money searching for the perfect idea.  MTTB gives you a great idea which is already refined, explained and time-tested.  So, that all you have to do is implement it.

The question for any aspiring entrepreneur is never: “Should I find a great idea?” rather it is: “Where can I find a great idea?”

It doesn’t have to be MTTB but for $49 it could be.  It’s $49 for a great idea.  If things don’t work out, you get 10 times your money back.  $500 if you don’t make a big commissions within 30 days.

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