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The Internet Marketing Fun House Of Smoke And Mirrors

Did you hear about the “cheaters” website that got hacked a while back?  It was all over the news.  A website called Ashley Madison which is a website that helps married people have affairs was hacked.  All their user data was made public.

All the men and women who had accessed the site looking to cheat on their spouses were exposed.  It sparked talk show debates about adultery, hacking and online privacy but I don’t want to talk about any of that.

I want to talk about something that got exposed with all the hacked data.  About 0% of the accounts on Ashley Madison were real women.  Yep, zero percent.  It was closer to 0% than 1%.  So, when you round down, 0%.  There was tons of fake accounts created by Ashley Madison to make it seem like there were lots of women on the site but there were hardly any real women on the site and millions and millions of real men.  Those millions and millions of real men were paying real money to get access to basically zero women.  It was all a big fake.

So, what does this have to do with your online success?  Well, it just goes to show you that the Internet is a hall of mirrors.  A funhouse.  If you’re not careful, you can waste time and money on “fake” services.  It’s so easy to fake things on the web.

You’re much better off going with a reliable source you can trust.  A source with testimonials from real people.  MTTB has those in spades.  Matt has paid out over $25 million in real money to affiliates in just 6 years.  Real systems have real guarantees.  Try this one on.  Go through Matt’s 21 steps and if you don’t make a commission in 30 days, he’ll pay you 500 real dollars.

It’s only $49 to start.  Is it time to get real or will you keep believing the cheaters?

Get real here.

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