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The Greatest Victory Of All Time

During China’s third age, a strategist and general named Shu Han faced a hell of a problem.  He was defending a town with under a 100 men against a larger force as in under 100 vs. 150,000.  Yes, Shu Han was facing 150,000 basically alone.  He had two things though which were his lute and his reputation.  Shu Han was known throughout China as a brilliant general.  So brilliant that he was feared more for his mind than anything else.

So, when the 150,000 enemy soldiers were marching on the gates, what did Shu Han do?  He sat on top of the open gates to the town and played his lute.  When the other general saw Shu Han sitting on top of the open gate simply playing, he stopped his army and turned them back where they came from.  It was because of his reputation as a master trickster that the enemy general figured that whatever Shu Han was up to, it didn’t mean anything good for his army.  He thought it was a trap and Shu Han defeated 150,000 men with his reputation and a lute.

Now, unless you were alive in China’s third age and lived in the town Shu Han saved, you are probably wondering why you should care.  You should care because Shu Han used an unconventional method to do something incredible.  He proved that sometimes you have to do something you wouldn’t think would work to do something that no one else could do.

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