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The Danger Of Outsourcing: Are You Ready?

You know that the 80/20 Principle is an almost universal law of business.  You know that 20% of the tasks you perform, produce 80% of the benefits you receive.  You also know that you should be ruthlessly eliminating as many of those unproductive 80% as you possibly can.  You most likely know that.

Here’s a warning for you.  As you outsource those 80%, you will find yourself with free time on your hands.  You might be think: “Great, I’d love more free time”.  So, why is this is a warning?  It’s a warning because most people don’t know what to do with all that free time.  In fact free time makes some people especially Type A, go getters and work-a-holic types very uncomfortable.  When they are faced with too much free time, many of these folks go looking for busy work.  Even worse, they could resort to addictive behaviours to calm the anxiety caused by “too much free time”.

So, before you apply the 80/20 to your work, ask yourself:
  • “Can I handle the free time?”
  • “Do I know what I will do with this free time?”
  • “How will I use it productively?”
  • “What’s my plan for maximising the value of my free time”?

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