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The Best Way To Get Things Done

A lot of people think that the guru’s as if they have some unbreakable or uncanny focus and key success habits that the rest of us for some some reason just can’t grasp ourselves.  But after working with The My Online Business Team, I can say this isn’t the case.  The guru’s have hacked their own system to make sure they succeed.  The good news for you is that you can easily do it as well.

I will explain a concept to you that if you start putting to use straight away, you will get a lot more done in the next 6-12 months.  First lets have a look at the real problem.  We all know what we should be doing but it’s actually a problem with the execution part.  It’s a problem with actually doing the work.  The guru’s and the 6 and 7 figure earners face the same problem as well.  Here is how you can sort this problem out and how the guru’s get results while most get no results.  They give themselves external pressure instead of internal pressure that most people use.

So how do the guru’s use external pressure to their advantage and how can you do the same thing to ensure success online.  The first thing is that you need have real external pressure to get something done.  There are huge earners who set up a live webinar event, announcing a future date of when it will be held.  They send this out to their list and to their Facebook fans and now they have external pressure and they know they have to get it done.  If it wasn’t for this external pressure they may never get round to it and some people even prepare their slides right before the webinar begins.

This also happens with live events.  Its very similar.  People will start buying tickets for the event and purchasing airline tickets.  This puts the guru in a position that they need to get it done.  They also do not want to lose their reputation.  There are huge product creators that set up joint venture pages well before they have even created their product.  They tell people on their list about the launch date.  This way the affiliate partners and their list know when the product is going live.  The affiliate partners will get ready to start promoting the product.  The people on the list will be amped up to check out the new product.  It puts a lot of pressure on the guru to get it done.  If it wasn’t for this external pressure, then it’s quite likely the product would not see the light of day.

This will help you a lot in your own online business.  The next time you think someone is better than you in some way, know that they did struggle one day to get things done just like you.  The big difference with them is that they are using external pressure to make themselves do things.  So whatever tasks you are working on right now, set deadlines on your goals and fine a way like the example above to make yourself do the tasks.  Doing this in your business can make the difference between not making anything to making 6 and 7 figures.  This is that powerful.

To do this you need the right business set up to make you succeed online.  I have got you covered.

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