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The Baseline Model

You see people bragging about the numbers online in terms of their clicks, email opens and the leads they got.  All these numbers don’t mean jack squat.  I can spend hundreds of dollar on Solo Ads and 1 or 2 days later, I could have hundreds of leads.  However this doesn’t mean they will open my emails, read my message or click my links.  There is even a much lower chance of them buying something from me.  This applies to any traffic source.  This applies to content that went viral, Face book shares and Face book likes.  None of this matters if it isn’t bringing in the sales.

An important thing to think about is that are people actually consuming it?  An interesting fact is that the most shared content on the internet doesn’t even get read.  The shares, clicks and open rates don’t get any consumption after the 3-15 second mark.

If you want to do well online, you have to be a different breed of marketer.  You have to care about what you are putting out there instead of just trying to generate a click.  You should be focusing on the user experience before anything else.  Once you start doing things right, the sales will start poring in.

You can think about it this way.  I was reading about a book by Frank Kern who is a very successful marketer.  This is what Frank Kern had to say: ‘To a man in the desert, even dirty pond water looks delicious. Your prospects and customers are in that desert and if you present them with good water, they’ll flock to you in droves.’

The main point here is to not worry about the click but worry about what they’re clicking on.  Your offer has to be easy to consume, make it your best stuff and make it awesome.  When you apply this to your business, you will dominate it for years to come.

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