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The 2-Brains System For Online Success

Did you know you have two brains?  You actually have two systems that your brain uses to make decisions based on what it perceives.

The first system is a shoot from the hip system.  It makes quick judgements based on first impressions.  It uses shortcuts, fires fast and it’s great for making the millions of fast trivial decisions we need to make every day.

The second system is slower.  It considers all the facts, it deliberates and it’s great for making important decisions that require deep thinking.

The problem is that it’s very hard to kick system two in gear.  The first system wants and usually does make all your decisions.  For example, if the first time you heard about online marketing was when someone said: “Oh, that’s a pyramid scheme, nobody ever makes any money doing that”, the first system is now in charge of all decisions about online marketing.

Unless you actively force your second system to kick in and help you make a deliberate, informed decision, taking all the facts into account, it will not.  The first system will just keep making the same quick, uninformed decision it made based on that first impression.

If you think your financial future is unimportant, then keep letting the first system decide.  However, if your future is important enough to use all your brain all your brain power on, then revaluate the first impression, explore the facts and let the second system have it’s say.

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