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John Chow Got A Check for $854,531.11 From MOBE

April 28th, 2014 No comments

There was a Home Business Summit on 25-27th of April in San Francisco.  This is where MOBE recognizes their top partners and rewards them with big pay checks.  These checks are for how much people have made in total from MOBE.  It is good motivation and also proves proves to newbies that this system works.  John Chow is the top earner in MOBE and he got a check for $854,531.

John Chow $854,531

John Chow is making just under $100,000/month with MOBE.  He has made a lot of money with MOBE in just 18 months.  He is on track to make $1 million within the next 2 months just from MOBE.  Plus he got a free Mercedes Benz SL550.

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