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Tips On Internet Marketing

January 13th, 2014 No comments

One of the world’s best writers Michael Connelly was interviewed on how he writes.  You may not be a writer but what he said is very important if you’re looking to make a good living online.  If someone is very prolific at their craft, I would definitely learn all their secrets.  Some of these secrets can give you big breakthroughs in your online business and life.  Michael Connelly is the best at what does, check out The Poet and Lincoln Lawyer.

There is one thing he mentioned which could be of great value to us.  Especially because it’s the start of a new year and you’re ready to dominate your online business.  He was asked about his morning routine on the days he writes.  This is what he said: “For me, writing is all about finding momentum and keeping it. When your word count is 0, it’s much harder than if it’s at 60,000…”.  This is an epic quote.  You can apply this to yourself.  Your success from now will depend 100% on the momentum that you create for yourself.  You could be at ground 0 right now.  The hardest thing to do is to get going.  To get the momentum going Michael does something easy like edits.  You can do something similar as well.  Pick a small task that needs to be done and do it first thing in the morning.  Pick something really easy.  This will help to get momentum and this momentum rolls into the more important money making activities that you need to focus on to make more money online.

Once you get success and momentum, don’t stop.  Keep:

  • Creating more content
  • Sending more emails
  • Running more promotions
  • Buying more traffic
  • Making more money online

Once you keep the ball rolling, you will be unstoppable.  If you need help in getting the ball rolling really fast, you should check out The MTTB system.  You get support from other MTTB members.  You get 6 and 7 figure coaches that help you through whatever problem you have.  You will get a 21 step system to make $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 done for you.  It does sound too good to be true but it’s not.  I know as I am a member.  There’s thousands of testimonials to prove this system works very well.

There will be work required, like I said earlier get ready to build momentum and roll up your sleeves.  The beauty of this system is that you can focus on driving traffic.  You get training on this step by step.  Once you start sending traffic the automated system and the phone sales team gets to work for you.  If the system fails, there’s no risk on your part and you will get a full refund without any hassle.

Check it out here as coaches ARE LIMITED as well as slots to get in to the training.