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Three Tricks To Identify A Grubby Guru

December 14th, 2016 No comments

I just got another desperate email from a self help guy who wants me to buy his book for insecure men or women and start a book club with other insecure men who will buy his book.  The Internet is full of grubby gurus looking to use people like you to make an extra buck but you knew that, I didn’t need to tell you that.

What I would like to share with you is this: A three question test to help you think for yourself about these Internet offers:

Does it cost something?  Real opportunities with real value will cost something to get started.  If they lead with a free trial, they usually want you to forget to cancel your payment.  If it’s $5 or something, it’s because they know their product is not worth your time and they’ve got to catch you out before you figure them out.

Does it work?  I’m talking about quantifiable results.  Real numbers.  Any Joe-Schmo can pull phony “success stories” out of his butt and make his poker buddies read them into a camcorder.  MTTB is no feel good opportunity, it’s a results machine.  You put in the work like the rest of us, you’ll get the results like the rest of us.  Pinky promise.

Does time equal money?  It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been doing business.  It only matters how successful they’ve been in creating value and paying commissions since 2008.

Well, that’s the test, how did we do?

Click here to investigate for yourself.